Wii's strap gets stronger

Looks like Nintendo has learned a bit after reports of Wii Remotes crashing into TV sets. They’ve increased the thickness of the remotes in the latest shipment of Wii’s that was recently released in Australia.


I think that I might wait an extra week or 3 till these new Wii Remotes hit the US before making my purchase of my Wii.

Speaking of buying a Wii, today’s Dawn and Drew TV episode showed their plight to Wal-Mart at the crack of dawn in an attempt to purchase a Wii. Were they able to get there in time when some people had been camping out since the previous day? Watch the episode here.

4 thoughts on “Wii's strap gets stronger

  1. I just found two of the hard to find wii remotes, and the straps are significantly stronger than the first remotes. I live in the US also, so if you find some, just check the beck of the package and look at the straps. These remotes go flying off the shelves pretty fast, so any shipment you see is most likely a new one.

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