55% of the way towards total Zunedom

7755Well I’m over 55% towards my goal of collecting half the money towards a Microsoft Zune. Once I do, I’m going to use it exclusively for an entire month. Going to be quite difficult. I was just at a poker tournament and had my new shuffle on…man that thing is sweet.

I’ve really started to blog about the Zune with questions I have, and even delved into the Zune community today. Check out the MyZune blog here.

Don’t forget to help donate. Thanks again to all who have donated so far. Hopefully I can raise enough before next week, as that I’m traveling out of town, and it would be great to try to find others at the airports so I can share songs with them.

It’s going to be a very interesting month. I’ve been a fan of the iPod since the release, and an owner of EVERY model released since the 3G. Can an apple fanboy be switched away from the love for the almighty iPod? Stay tuned to the site for details. I’m going to try to post to the MyZune site everyday once I get the Zune.


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