I'm giving up my iPod(s)

I’ve been catching some harsh criticism about my obvious bias against the Zune. I’ve never said that this site was “fair and balanced.” I mean look at the header, it’s Leopards image with an apple logo on the corner.

That being said, I haven’t mentioned a few things, so let’s get them out in the open.

This past week I just purchased a new iPod shuffle and has got to be my favorite iPod out right now. I take it with me everywhere. Clip it on my shirt and start listening. It’s great.

shuffles 001

I also have not posted recently that I am a Napster music subscription subscriber. I don’t have a portable device to use with this, but I’ve always been a fan of the subscription based music services. I use this service while listening to music at work on my work pc. I’ve participated in many iTunes betas where developers from Apple were involved, and stressed at each one that I’d love to see a subscription service added to iTunes combined with the iPod.

The Zune from Microsoft seems to combine most of the features I’m looking for in a portable music player, combined with the subscription model. It can’t (easily) be sync’d on a Mac, but Apple’s 1st generation iPod couldn’t be sync’d on a PC.

zunesAll of this being said, I’d like to give the Zune a fair shot. I know I’m considered to be quite the Apple fan boy, but I also can stand back and look objectively at something to provide a fair and balanced review of it.

That being said, I plan on making the purchase of a black Microsoft Zune. I’m going to give up any and all use of my iPods for an entire month and use the Zune exclusively, even my cute little new shuffle.

During the month, I will give updates about features that I find useful and ones that annoy me. At the end, I will write an entire Ars Technica style’d review of the Zune covering EVERYTHING and anything about it. I will field questions people might have during this month, try out 3rd party programs for it, and subscribe to the Zune Marketplace.

I’ll even go out of my way to find others with a Zune to share songs using “The Social.”

Here’s what I’m proposing. I’ve installed an Amazon gift link over on the right hand sidebar. Once I get 1/2 the cost of the Zune in donations, I will pitch in with the other half and make the purchase. That means I need $125 in donations, otherwise this thing isn’t going to fly.
I am installing a fresh install of Boot Camp on a 20 gig partition of my MacBook Pro today with Windows Media Center Edition. I will install the Zune Marketplace as soon as I get the Zune and start downloading music through the subscription service and import my non-AAC protected songs/videos.

I can assure you that I will give the Zune a fair shake. I am quite critical of anything that is outside of the norm, but I can see the benefits of the Zune with it’s bigger screen and music subscription service.

Any amount donated is appreciated. Look for the first review and frequent updates once I get enough to purchase the Zune. If only 1 in 50 subscribers only donated $2, we could easily get this thing purchased.
Donate here.

Update: Looks like someone at Microsoft has picked up on this story, specifically the Zune Insider blog. Read his post.

Digg! Also Digg his post.


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