Zune and Disney sitting in a tree

zunesWell last week, everyone was all a buzz that the Zune was the #2 music player on the market. What everyone didn’t really take the time to read, was that it’s market share wasn’t number 2, it’s sales for THAT WEEK were number 2.

Of course a new product launch is going to sell a lot of new items. It’s new, and people are curious about what it can do.

Research firm NPD Group reports that in the week ending November 25th, the Zune consumed 2.1 percent of sales, versus 39.4 percent for Apple’s iPod and 39.3 percent for SanDisk products. At third and fourth place were players by Creative and Memorex; Microsoft’s figures were also tied by a player from the Walt Disney Company, according to Electronista.

5th…..5th…..5th…..TIED with a Disney mp3 player…..5th!

So a child’s Disney mp3 player ($50-$60), oh and yes the picture below is the mp3 player from Disney, is tied with the MIGHTY ZUNE ($250) that everyone has been preaching up.


Well I just have to say, how’s the view from down there? For the Zune, it’s a small world (social) after all.

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