Parallels gets a MAJOR update

Wow, this beta product just got a SERIOUS upgrade. Let me see if I can even begin to explain all the cool new features.

Boot from BootCamp partition. Lets you boot your 32-bit Windows XP residing on Boot Camp partition directly in Parallels Desktop for Mac. This is a HUGE benefit for me, since I’ve been running 2 separate installs of Windows XP Media Center Edition, one in Parallels and one in Boot Camp. This allows you to go out and use one Windows license.

Coherency. Shows Windows applications as if they were Mac ones. Try it and enjoy best of both worlds truly at the same time. No more switching between Windows to Mac OS. This too sweet to even begin to describe. You can take say, Internet Explorer 7 outside of the Parallels window and use it in OS X. You can Cmd+Tab to it and everything. No more waiting for CrossOver Mac, this feature is here now.

Drag and Drop files and folders between Windows and Mac. Like a mac, it just works. Move files back and forth with ease.

Finally one of my pet peeves,

Auto-Adjusting Screen Resolution. Your Windows auto-adjusts the screen resolution to the actual Main Window size. No more going into the Windows display settings and adjusting the screen resolution to one that Microsoft has pre-set.

Parallels is proving to be one of the best and most innovative ways to utilize the switch to Intel processors on Macs. Now there is no reason not to buy a Mac, it runs Windows inside of the Mac, not just in a separate window, but as a stand alone app.

Download this beta build today.

Download tools for Boot Camp (inside of Boot Camp).


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