Cingular Pearl avaliable

cinpearlWell turns out the December 1st T-mobile exclusive was accurate. Today the Cingular website went live, after the past few weeks of specultion, with a link to buy the Blackberry Pearl.

The price is the same as T-mobile with a 2 year contact extension and a $50 mail in rebate: total $199.

It seems to have the same features as the T-Mobile version, except the rate plan is drastically more expensive.

T-mobile unlimited data: $19.99

Cingular unlimited data: $44.99

If I’m not mistaken, T-mobile’s service also includes 300 text messages, and Cingular’s doesn’t seem to mention that.

One other major feature difference is the Push-To-Talk service is included in the Cingular version. T-mobile has never expressed plans to implement such a service. A GPS service is included at an extra fee, if you purchase a GPS unit from Cingular.
There is an add-on for $4.99 that does Cingular voice dial. If the OS is the same on the Cingular Pearl, DO NOT PAY FOR THIS SERVICE! The voice feature on the Pearl works better then any phone I’ve ever used. You don’t need Cingular’s add-on service.


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