Next Gen Sales

Even though both the Wii and PS3 are nearly impossible to find this holiday shopping season, Nintendo is certainly making the Wii more available (and affordable) then the PS3.


The Wii has sold over 600,000 units in the first 8 days it was out in the United States. That’s 75,000 a day or 3125 an hour or 52 a minute!!!!! (On an average scale of course). Sony has only sold around 125,000 and 175,000 even though it launched 2 days before the Wii.

Microsoft was only able to sell 400,000 within it’s first 8 days of being on the market. At it’s current selling rate (if the rate proved to be sustainable) , the Wii is set to overtake the 6+ Million Xbox 360’s sold within the next few months.

The The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has become the most successful Wii game so far, selling about 454,000 units. Nintendo also has more units per launch then the other two consoles, thus leading to it’s larger selling figures.

Either way, I know I’m going to be purchasing the Wii, and with Apple’s iTV coming out soon, the Media Center Extender feature of the Xbox 360 is looking less tempting.


8 thoughts on “Next Gen Sales

  1. The Wii will definitely not overtake X-Box in the next few months, it’s all the hype that’s making the sale. Those sales will dwindle. As an Xbox nut, i do admit the Wii does look fun, but 360 for for life 🙂

  2. Nick,
    Don’t let the Xbox360 media center fool you. I have an Xbox 360, and the only videos that it will allow you to play are .wmv files. Stupid M$ messed that one up good, now lets hope apple doesn’t restrict the types of files we play.

  3. Preface: I own an XBox and love it.

    Wii’s popularity will die off when folks realize it’s really not that much better than the game cube. Sure it’s controls are different, but is that really worth an upgrade?

    As for who’ll be on top in the console race there’s really no question. As you said there’s already 6M+ 360s out there and they still sold 400,000 in the last 8 days. Nintendo and Sony could only dream of those kinds of sales. The 360 is so much more than a game console. With XBox live there’s a huge community of gamers that Wii and PS could never hope to compete with.

    When it comes to games, I’ve got one word. Halo.

  4. RE: apple doesn’t restrict the types of files we play.

    Of course they will. Duh, apple only plays well with apple. Oh, and there are plenty of utilities out there that will convert to WMV on the fly for streaming to 360s.

  5. renlinus re sold400000 in last 8 days

    not last 8 days, first 8 days on the market, that was when they had no other competition, Wii sold 600,000 in that time and it was up against PS3 and 360

  6. thats not gonna happen,the hype for the latter consoles will die down and i guess by the time they faced what the xbox 360 witnessed during it first qtr,the wont be a catching up for the duos. 360 for life

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