Thomas Hawk: Mac user

One of my favorite photographers and bloggers Thomas Hawk finally made the switch back to the Mac after 15 years. He purchased a MacBook Pro around the same time that I purchased mine. Doesn’t say if he got the 17″ or 15″ model, but he did go for the glossy screen which I am totally loving.

MBP 021Thomas, make sure to try out Aperture; even for a amateur like me, it’s a great tool for photo editing, plus there is a free 30 day trial.
His post about switching is a great read for anyone on the fence about making the switch. Here are some highlights:

  • Was I simply trading in my trusty old wife of 15 years for the sleek slender new 19 year old model?
  • this machine is damn sexy
  • There is something about the feel of the polished aluminum as I hold, no caress, the thing in my hands.
  • It just works
  • It’s the best I’ve felt about using a computer in a long, long time

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One thought on “Thomas Hawk: Mac user

  1. Couldn’t agree more – Aperture rocks. 1.0 had it’s glitches, 1.5.1 is great already. However, after I recently attended a seminar featuring an Adobe (PC’ish) guy presenting Lightroom, followed by the Apple guy (supercalm and very knowledgable) presenting Aperture, one thing remained in my thoughts: He said,(along the lines of) “I like Version 1.5, but that’s not what I think about… I think about how this will knock your socks in Version 3” – think about it – Final Cut wasn’t much in Version 1.0 – today it is basically the number one solution people turn to for professional video editing (including “big” companies like the BBC documentary people). I’ve “converted” at least half a dozen people already, most are amazed to say the least. 🙂

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