Waiting in line

I’m over at a local Best Buy waiting to get a WD MyBook 250 gig external drive for $69. It’s freezing here (for Florida standards). The line is very chaotic. There are people lined up outside around the front, side, and rear of the building. In the rear people are lined up in their cars saying they are “in line” expecting people to line up behind them.

It is going to be hectic because these people in their cars are having people line up right after the line of people, totally disregarding the “car line.” I don’t see how they can legitimately say they are in line, but we will see.

The store doesn’t open for another 5 hours, and there are already hundreds of people in line. Apparently the big ticket items are a cheap laptop and tv’s. So far no one is in competition for my WD MyDrive that is around me. It’s going to be a perfect Time Machine drive for my MacBook Pro.

More updates if I can.


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