Post-shopping & Apple's sale

Well I’ve pretty much done shopping for the day and it is only 7am EST. I was within the first 300 to enter Best Buy. I wasn’t able to get the $400 laptop, desktop or 50″ plasma, but I was offered a ticket for any the other major Door Buster sale items.

The MyBook was still in stock, so I picked that up and am backing up my MacBook Pro with Super Duper right now. I also got a $20 Copier, Scanner, and Printer. Finally 100 DVD-R for $5.

I was able to head across the street to the mall and pick up a gift for my brother at half price, and a nice jacket for VERY cheap.
Apple has their Black Friday Sale info up. Here’s some of the details:


$21 off iPod nanos.

$31 off regular iPods.

Apple HiFi (save $51), other speakers, ear phones, cases, Mighty Mouse (save $11), Airport Express (save $41), iPod remote (save $11), Nike+iPod kit (save $5), bags and speakers are among some of the other sale items. There is no savings on the AIDS Red nano.

parallels sale

Two other notable items are .Mac and Parallels for $68 each.
The MacBook (non-Pro) and iMac also are discounted $101.

I might end up at the Apple store later this afternoon, but I think a nap is in order. Have a great holiday weekend.


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