With this previous week’s launch of the latest next-gen gaming consoles, I’ve decided to take some videos about the Wii and PS3.

Here’s one of my favorites, although it is slightly NSFW:

Wii promotional video:

E3 Console wars played out:

Well that’s about as much as I can stand for today of crazy YouTube videos…stay tuned next week for another YouTubesday.

BTW, which are you buying this year? The Wii or PS3? I’m going with the Wii.


One thought on “YouTubesday

  1. I’m still not sure. I first was all wow about the Wii, until I looked up the specs and yesterday I saw on Gamespot that Red Steel only got 5 out of 10. I won’t buy a Wii “just for Zelda”. So, I’m still not sure.

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