iPod shuffle is HUGE

shufflei1gigWell the Zune might not be doing so well, but CNN might of had it right when they compared the new Shuffle to the Zune.

The Shuffle is out of stock in a number of large retailers, including Amazon. Apple itself is having a hard time meeting demand in it’s retails store and online.

Shaw Wu, an analyst at American Technology Research, had previously observed strong sales both from first- and third-party retailers and speculated that the player could become the unexpected bestseller of Apple’s entire iPod repertoire. Even earlier, Needham and Co.’s Charles Wolf had mentioned that he had been hearing the new shuffle could be “huge.” Already, it has emerged as the top-selling item at both the American and Canadian online Apple Stores, followed by its counterparts the iPod nano and fifth-generation video iPod.

Apple is on track to sell over 5 million iPod shuffles this quarter alone. The $79 price point makes it a great stocking stuffer, and with Black Friday coming up the shuffle might be one of the hardest things to find this holiday season.


4 thoughts on “iPod shuffle is HUGE

  1. The Zune is out of stock in a number of large retailers, including Amazon. Apple itself is having a hard time meeting demand in it’s retails store and online.

    Huh? Since when did Apple supply the Zune? 😉 Might wanna fix that.

  2. As of today, the Zune has fallen to number 55 on Amazon’s list of top selling electronics. There are 10 iPod models ahead of the Zune on the top selling list of MP3 players. The Zune keeps falling down the top seller list. I think people are realizing how poorly executed the Zune environment is. Paying for Microsoft Points in order to purchase music also sucks. And it doesn’t play PodCasts!

    The iPod Shuffle is an amazingly priced player. Everyone should have seen it coming. It is almost perfectly designed. I want one for exercising, to complement my iPod Video for the rest of my activities. It is a GREAT stocking stuffer.

    Of course, every iPod Shuffle sold, means another potential customer for life for Apple. People are use to buying several iPods over time for themselves.

    The same cannot be said for the Zune. To bad Microsoft made a bad impression on consumers. Once you make a bad impression, particularly with electronics, you cannot catch up. People move on to another brand – in this case, Apple.

    Now, only if Apple would come up with the iPod Phone this January. I want one. It would replace my existing Motorola Phone. It would not replace my existing iPods. Again, Apple has made it natural for a person to purchase more than one iPod – for various purposes in life, etc. That is quite a feat in consumer electronics.

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