My new MacBook Pro

MBP 001Well last night I took the plunge and purchased a 15.4″ MacBook Pro. After a number of comments about the portability of the 17″, the 15″ model seemed to be the perfect fit.

MBP 006I am totally loving it. The screen is seemingly significantly larger then the 13.3″ MacBook I previously owned. It’s a very sleek and sexy looking machine.

I got the glossy screen, because I liked that feature on the MacBook.

MBP 016Upgraded to 2 gigs of ram. The system includes 120 gig HD, which is what I had upgraded to on the MB. Plenty of space free. I was able to use the Migration Assistant in the OS to move everything over from a backup I had made on an external drive using Carbon Copy Cloner.

MBP 020The back light keyboard is really nice at night in a dim room.

MBP 023I got my MagStay from Thought Out plugged in because the MagSafe connector kept popping out, and in a situation where I know there is going to be no one tripping over the cord, it is nice for it to stay connected.

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I can’t wait to use it to watch movies and tv shows with Front Row.

Check out the entire Flickr unboxing set.

3 thoughts on “My new MacBook Pro

  1. Congrats! Nice setup with the ram and hd upgrade. The glossy screen is nice, I wish I had that on my 15 in Powerbook. Not ready to make the jump to a MBP yet, not just for the screen anyway.

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