Microsoft Zune out today

Who is going to run out so they can be part of “The Social” as Microsoft is calling it. To me, and quite a few others, it sounds like some sort of ice cream gathering, or some secret society.


Based on the fact that Apple is selling between 100,000 and 200,000 iPods per day, I have a feeling that “the social” will be something that not many people ever want a part of, myself included.

The special Zune store is open today and offers tracks that are downloadable only on the Zune (sounds like the iTunes Store). The Microsoft Plays for Sure has been dropped and won’t be included in Microsoft’s own music player.

zunesticker122Oh yeah, the Zune in another attempt to copy Apple includes stickers, but I doubt anyone will be proudly displaying these.

Mike over at Thought Out is offering a free Ped2 stand to the first Zune owner who replies with a picture they’ve taken of their Zune. He wants some shots of the Zune in a Ped2 and is willing to give you a free one for the pictures.

The Ped2 comes in white or black…sorry no poop brown color to match your shitty Zune. (Contact Mike here).

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