Gmail for mobile phones

FINALLY there is a true Gmail client for mobile phones out there. It even works on Blackberry’s…so no more forwarding to your Blackberry email address, then deleting the email later on the computer.


Here’s the catch; Google says, “The Gmail application doesn’t currently work with T-Mobile USA or BREW-based carriers (e.g. Verizon, Alltel, U.S. Cellular).

They do however list the Blackberry 8100 as a supported device. The Blackberry 8100 (Pearl) is only available for T-Mobile and soon Cingular.

So of course I grab my Pearl and try to download it by browsing to Sure enough it recognizes my phone and downloads the application. I launch it, and it’s working 100%. I’m not sure why Google says it doesn’t work with T-Mobile, but does anyone else have a Cingular/Verizon/Alltel/US Cellular phone that they can try this out on?

Seriously, if you say it won’t work on all of those carriers, what will it work on? Sprint/Nextel and that’s it? Well it is working perfectly on my Blackberry and the interface is awesome.

Google does offer this advice about using it on a Blackberry, “Yes, you can install it by going to through the browser on your Blackberry. The Blackberry version gives you even faster access to your Gmail account by running in the background, checking for new emails, and offering autocomplete for quick email composition.

A major gripe is that it isn’t “push” as Gmail standalone and my Blackberry are. You have to hit refresh, otherwise your inbox will automatically refresh each time you send a message. If you’d like to refresh your inbox more frequently, you’ll need to do it manually. LAME! (Wait I thought the Blackberry version does auto-refresh…maybe it does and the above answer was generic to all other phones. Turns out it is for other phones. The Blackberry refreshes in about 15 minute cycles). There doesn’t seem to be any alert settings that I can find for incoming messages, but that must be because refreshing isn’t an option.

Try it out for yourself to see if it works and sends/receives emails for you and your provider. I for one couldn’t be happier that there is finally a way to have my Gmail sync’d to my Blackberry.

Check out all the details here.


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