Bose TriPort IE: Unboxing and Review

Bose TriPort IELast week I got all excited when I saw Bose released ear buds at under $100. After a great weekend at the casino, I decided to take some of my earnings and buy a pair. I went into Best Buy for the first time in almost a year, and remembered why I don’t shop retail for electronics. I can’t stand every 3 feet someone asking if they can help me or if I need a service plan for that item.

I got the headphones and headed over to Panera to sit down and take some unboxing pictures.

Bose TriPort IE

I put the ear buds in and plugged in my iPod. Typically I listen to alternative rock, and I have to say it sounded horrible. The bass would overload the ear buds and the sound quality went to crap.

Bose TriPort IEFor acoustic music and just guitar sounds, it was amazing, but once the bass kicked in, it was all downhill from there. I even got a cd out and attempted to listen to the music at it’s lossless format, still horrible. I downloaded an mp3 at 320VBR and still wasn’t impressed. There is nothing worth the price about these ear buds. They even feel like they are going to fall out of your ear at any moment.
I was quite surprised at the horrible quality of these ear buds, being a previous Bose customer of the Quiet Comfort 2 and SoundDock for iPod and highly impressed at the sound quality of those items.

The case it comes with is quite convenient for the ear buds, but with the sound quality so shitty I went back to Best Buy and returned them. I simply felt the quality of the new ear buds Apple is shipping were better then these.
Bose TriPort IE

All in all, I would say to stay away from these ear buds. I’ve never tried out a pair of the Shure ear buds, but I would put stock in the fact that they are better than these.

Check out all of the unboxing photos here.


34 thoughts on “Bose TriPort IE: Unboxing and Review

  1. I purchased these same bose headphones, and I was greatly impressed. If you read the instructions, you need to turn off all equalizers, which made my sound much better afterwards. (little scare at first). But in the end, we all can realize that tha writer of this article is completely retarded. One because he’s a apple fanatic with a shitty iPod. Relize that the iPod gives out horrible sound quallity in the first place. Two, because the instructions are like three tiny pages, learn to read!

  2. Jermy-

    First off, I think you must of missed the part where I said that I listened to these with a lossless format audio file, and the iPod was only 1 of the several devices I tried this on, including Nintendo DS, MacBook, home stereo unit, etc).

    I did try all sort of items with the EQ and even disabled it and found the quality was still lacking. I love Bose products, but I don’t think these live up to the Bose quality I have come to enjoy.

  3. Well, obviously the way to refute a review is to insult the reviewer. heh.

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of other Bose gear, but was going to give these a try. Now I definitely won’t. Nick, if you can get your hands on a set of B&O Earphones (that’s the model name – they only make one kind), give them a shot. They’re a bit more, but they sound fantastic – better than any other earphones I’ve tried (which doesn’t include Shure, Etymotic, etc, so YMMV).

  4. Yeah, retarded review – I mean, even testing them in a Panera rather than in your natural environment…

    I just got mine and really like them. These are clearly and objectively much better than the other headphones on the market, except for perhaps the B&Os, which have the annoying clip that goes over the ears.

    I would read the instructions the next time, disable the eq, and try them again.

  5. Well, great. I need to purchase a set of IE buds for my persnickity son and you guys are no help at all. Maybe I should just buy him a plastic tube. Doesn’t anybody agree on anything/ I’ll just role the dice.


  6. Don’t roll the dice. These earphones are terrible for $100, IMHO.
    I have a set of inexpensive Sony’s that rival and maybe even beat the TriPort in terms of sound.
    I spoke with Bose tonight and am sending back a pair I’ve had for two days.
    No probs with the return.
    Bose is incredibly gracious.
    I really wish the plugs did what Bose claims they do.
    For me, they don’t.

  7. The triports in ears cannot be beaten, yes im bias because i work for bose but at my store weve sold around 90 pairs in the week running up to xmas. NOONE has returned them, everyone has been impressed. Even myself and other staff members think there awsome, and were hard to please since we listen to the fantastic lifestyle systems all day everyday (£4000 home theatre systems).
    So so so much better than the sony phones!

  8. I’m really not that impressed with them. They cost 100 bones and don’t act like it. The sound may be ok, but for Bose to justify 100$, they need to fit the ear and sound better. I’ve tried all the sizes and they feel like with one turn of the head, they’re gonna fly out. So I jam them in and then they hurt. Not 100$ worth of sound coming out of them either. No EQ on either. If you feel in your gut that you spent too much money for something you probably did, that’s how I feel right now.

  9. I bought a pair the first week they were available (around the end of October). I have mixed emotions over the overall quality versus price. They do not sound any better than my $50 Sony’s. I’ve used them with my iPod, MacBook Pro, Sony Walkman and a portable CD player. The sound quality is acceptable but not the fit. I’ve tried all 3 tip sizes and they feel like the are going to fall out. A Bose representative called me yesterday to ask my opinion of the ear buds. I told her the same thing. I do like the buds but think they are overpriced (which is typical of Bose products). I own several Bose products including the QC2’s, which I dearly love.

  10. The reviewer had the earphones pushed into the ear. Most adults will need to use the LARGE and let the earbud sit back in the ear and rest in the ‘cup’.

    I almost took these back until I discovered this phenom. I was wearing the smalls and had them pushed in comfortably…and the sound was awful. boomy, and lacked presence in the highs. After reading anothers review I pulled them back in the ear and had to use the Large. They are light, and comfortable, do not fall out, and sound Amazing.

  11. 😯
    so this thing is one of those ‘love it or hate it’ earphones….I guess i will get them at bestbuy so I can return it.
    Thanks for the review!

  12. Well, i got myself a pair as replacements for my 4 month old creative aruvana in-ear phones…Comparing sound qualities, i would say the creative aruvana was da bomb…

  13. The Bose Triport IE Headphones Really SUCK. The sound is OK , but trying to keep them in your ears is next to impossible. They have 3 different silicon ear adjustment pieces, but none of them seemed to work for me. I really hate them, and would not recommend them for my dog!

  14. Well I don’t own the Bose IE but many friends of mine do and they all like my Shure E2c’s much better. I’d have to say the same. I don’t think the Bose are bad, but for $100 the Shure E2c’s seem to deliver much better audio quality and clarity, as well as sound Isolation.

  15. I purchased these from Sharper Image and think they sound no better then the stock earphones that came with my iPod. Thanks for the honest review.

  16. 😈 you lot are either bias or just plain havnt got a clue about sound and value for money,lets start with saying these are rubbish,had them,returned them,secondly if you are prepared to pay this much for earphones then save 20 or 30 more and get the likes of shure e3c,ultimate ears super fi 3 studio,or for the same price etymotics er6i are legendary,i have the ultimate ears super fi 5 pro,which granted are double the price of the bose but are seriously doubly as good,dont get me wrong this is bose,maybe the most legendary name in sound quality but they dont get it all right an these being the first in ear attempt it shows,alot of in ear phones dont even claim to block external noise but they do,giving them that edge i suppose,anyway more to the point,im not bias,but am giving my opinion,for this money there is better,much better in fact ive named a few above,but they are better than most cheap alternatives including all sony,if uve got the money to blow and clearly you have then save a little extra because the little extra step up in money is a real big step up in quality

  17. All of the following in- headphones give better sound at more or less the same price. These Bose headphones have recieved criticism from the audiophiliac industry and have been largely ignored by even Bose fans, for their poor quality does not live up to expectations, except those people with untrained ears, for who these may be completely acceptable.

    Ultimate Ears 3
    V-Moda Vibe
    Etymotic ER-6

  18. i totally agree with the reviewer. to people (fanboys?) who said that “this is the best earphones”, you obviously havent heard others out there. there are a looot of better sounding, “value for money” inears on the market.

    btw, i own a ue 5pro, atrio m5, sennheiser cx500/cx400/cx300, akg k324p, creative ep630, jbl reference 220, sony ex082 and the bose triport ie. even the $25 creative ep630 sounds waaayy better than the bose. try them and hear for yourself.

  19. Wow! Now that’s a great example of a run on sentence!

    I have spoken to professional audio engineers and all of them agree that the Bose earbuds fall short of the Sure and Audio Technicas. For the money, they all recommend the Sure (several models in the same price range), the Audio Technica and the Etymotics.

    So now I’m still confused, but am still looking. I do, by the way, love the other Bose products that I own.

  20. I purchased these ear buds for my new IPod and was excited about using them. However, they do not stay in my ears no matter whose instructions I follow. Small, medium or large … they all pop out of my ears … especially during workouts … and that’s very inconvenient. I’m going out today to try and exchange them for something else. Wish me luck.

  21. indeed i’ve tried these bose IE and for $100 they aren’t worth it, they almost sound the same as the koss plug which cost $20, but the koss lack a lil clarity but it is just a lil bit. i am using the shure scl2 atm and they sound way better than these bose IE. everything sounds so balanced and clear even the background sounds which i couldn’t hear with the bose or koss i can hear with the shures.

    so don’t buy these bose for $100 they are not worth it, if it was like $35 i would say ok buy them but for $100 or more there are shure – super fi – etymotic – westone which sound allot better

  22. i have shure se530’s and these bose triports and i have to say these are pretty good earphones for the money, i mean i spent over $500 for my shures and they sound great but if you arent really an audiophile these will sound much better than the iPod stock earphones and they fit great on my, they dond fall out or feel loose even on the medium silicone tip.

  23. Hey all. Just because I thought I was crazy or something, I had to go fishing for reviews. Not only did I get the original in ears Bose made, I returned them and got the ‘improved’ version with better silicone cups and better design on the cable, and let me tell you: For a Bose product, not only am I NOT impressed I was really disappointed. ESP for the money they are asking. They definitely banked on their successful name to get this one off the ground. And yes, I read everything about the settings and how to tweak for an iPod.
    Bottom line the sound was *ok* but not worth the initial price of $100 and def not worthy to be called bose, the fit was TERRIBLE and still is and even after the imporved design, the cables still fray in the jacket. Stay away from these.

  24. “The triports in ears cannot be beaten, yes im bias because i work for bose but at my store weve sold around 90 pairs in the week running up to xmas. NOONE has returned them, everyone has been impressed. Even myself and other staff members think there awsome, and were hard to please since we listen to the fantastic lifestyle systems all day everyday (£4000 home theatre systems).
    So so so much better than the sony phones!”

    LOLOLOL. because apparently if you work at Bose you MUST be an audiophile and know about sound! also, is your £4000 system Bose as well? if you answered yes to both, you sir, have clearly been suckered by Bose and its motto “better profits through marketing”

  25. As I write this, I am enjoying my Bose in-ear phones. While not, stictly speaking, an “audiophile,” I am a DJ who has gone through several diffferent earbud and headphone models. While I loved my Sure e3c’s, I had some major issues with fit and comfort. I keep coming back to these because they have the most natural fit and sound for my tastes. I used the medium tips for a while until I realized how much better the large ones felt. Comfort is the main advantage this model has, in my opinion. Sound can be a bi

  26. I am a professional drummer, Recording engineer, Foley Artist and a serious
    I own 3 pairs of SHURE in-ear phones,
    the E2, the eC3, and the SE-310.
    And they are WAY I mean W A Y ! better
    than this Bose ones.
    I tried them at an authorized Bose dealer
    in Orange County CA and I was totally
    disappointed, they DON’T even isolate the sound from outside, and it feels like they are going to fall out of your ear at any time.

    And for those who talk about listening
    to a compressed mp3, well:
    I rather to listen to a Professionally
    encoded 128 kps mp3 song on my Zune using my SE-310 Shure in-ear phones,

    than listening to a CD being played on a high quality CD player with CRAPPY! ear-buds
    like the ones that come with an iPod.

  27. Do you know why these headphones sound horrible ? It is because they are fake. You bought a fake ones. I realized it when I saw them in the box on the last photo. If you can see the little black brick (goes the connector from it), it seems to be bigger than on the real ones.
    And some user on youtube says, that he bought some pairs on best buy too, and they were fake too. If you want any more details, search on youtube. 😉

  28. Another fact is, they cost <100$. Bose has a strict policy, these cannot cost under 100$.
    And u could call to Bose technical support and tell them a serial number, they could analyze if it is fake or not. 😐

  29. first of all! these are fake lol the tripot iE you got are fake, so try getting the original ones before you go talking about bose high quality products like that.

    the real bose IE front looks different. do your part and research.

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