Zettabyte backup solution

Now I’ve been interested in how to leverage the use of Amazon’s S3 service for quite some time now. I think this solution is the closest to a great one that I’ve found so far.

Zettabyte sends you a NAS drive with a gigabit ethernet connection. The drive ranges from 30 gigs to 690 gigs. You can use it as a network drive to backup all critical files, just like any other network drive.

Here’s the kicker; they upload all the information on the drive to Amazon’s S3 service in a secure 256bit encryption. There is no additional fee of the Amazon service, so you can download and upload as much as you want without fear of Amazon’s 20 cent per gig bandwidth, and 15 cents per gig of storage.

So not only do you have a local backup, with quick instant access to, but you also have an online backup which you can access anytime you need.

There are a lot of other bells and whistles, like roll back features, password encryption, self-monitoring (ie. when the drive is going bad they automatically send you another one), etc. All of this comes at a price.

This is the downside of Zettabyte’s plan. Well I understand the need to make a profit, and profit they will make based on their rate plans. Let’s analyze a few:

  • Cheapest plan: 30 gig HD $49/month
  • Simply using Amazon S3 w/o Zettabyte: 30 gig storage/bandwidth: $10.50

I don’t know that 30 gigs is enough for anyone to backup the vast amount of data is on computers now-a-days, so let’s try a higher plan:

  • Zettabyte140 gig HD plan: $89/month
  • Amazon S3 140 gig storage/bandwidth: $ 49.00

Okay, so I understand that they must take some additional money for the NAS drive “rental”.

Okay so at $49/month, if you were to buy the external NAS case and 40 gig HD and pay for Amazon yourself, starting cost is $103.50, and your third month total costs would be at $124.50. By your third month you would be at the cost of $150 and going up $49/month, thus saving $25.50, and increasing that savings by $38.50/month. Doing it on your own you would only be increasing by $10.50 per month.

Let’s try the $89/month plan. On your own, initial startup fees are $141. By your second month, you would of paid an additional $12 at $190 vs $178. On the third month the savings of $28 kick in, with $239 vs $267.

There are plenty of solutions for automatic backup to S3 that you can implement on your own without a NAS drive that does it for you. Is the no-hastle worth the extra money? In the long run, I seriously doubt it.

Still the concept is truly what I’ve been looking for, it just is implemented at a slightly higher price than what I am wanting to pay currently.


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