Security threat:

Dodgeit is a VERY simple website where you can enter any email address in any website with the suffix, and check the mail to that account for free. You even can subscribe to the RSS feed of that email address.

It’s great for a site you might think will spam you, or for to use as a one time thing w/o giving up your personal email address.

Here’s the problem.

A friend of mine asked if I wanted to play a game to see who could find the most porn accounts on dodgeit. Within 15 minutes we were able to find:

  • A login and password to the site
  • A direct link to the members area of another site
  • A password reminder to someone’s XM Online Radio
  • A person’s name and home address
  • Login and password to the site Camazon
  • A support ticket to someone’s hosting company (with a request to reset a server password to XXXXX)
  • Two bank account numbers
  • One Social security number
  • Directions to a private Halloween party
  • account login information
  • Paypal account information
  • and much more

You can secure an email address on dodgeit for a small donation, but most people don’t. I would recommend you not use dodgeit for any site that is going to send you an email with login information, subscription info, or anything else you wouldn’t want someone else reading….b/c dodgeit is open for ANYONE to view ANY of the mail to that address.

Thanks to Hollywood Adam from Nobody Likes Onions for this idea, although it might be ‘fun‘ to browse through this information, it poses a great security threat to thousands of individuals who use this service daily.


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