Google Co-op

Create your own Google search engine for any need you might have. You can create one for your own site, or a teacher could create a search engine for a few key websites for her students. It’s as flexible as you want it to be.

Simply name your search engine, include the sites to be searched and  you are done. This can be hosted on your own servers or on Google’s so the look and feel can be customized to whatever you want.

It’s a pretty nifty new feature from Google. What will your search engine contain?

Check it out.

One thought on “Google Co-op

  1. Upon checking this out, three features stood out:
    1) You can exclude sites that you do not want in the results.
    2) You can easily do so using the Google Marker.
    3) Anyone can volunteer to help.

    So we decided to throw up an experiment to encourage everyone to mark spam sites to be excluded from search results.

    Working together as a community we may be able to radically improve the quality of the search results (or perhaps just get in a blacklisting war?)

    The result is Putch –

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