Blackberry? What Blackberry? I'm an iPhone fan

Okay two of my favorite companies (RIM with the Blackberry and Apple with the iPhone) are about to go head to head for my cell phone needs.

The Blackberry has been the most stable, reliable, flexible, and usable phone I’ve ever used. I can’t say enough great things about the Blackberry…but then I read this:

 I’m going to quote for a bit but it is an AMAZING read if you are looking for details on Apple’s new iPhone.

The iPhone is a black device that is nearly featureless on the front except the dock and a couple of other buttons. On the bottom is what appears to be a standard dock. The most remarkable feature of the iPhone is the display which is I hear breathtaking as it emerges from behind what appears to be black plastic. The whole front with exception to a couple of millimeters along the edges of the iPhone are touch sensitive and that allows the customer to select from objects on the screen, such as the phone’s keyboard. This feature was widely described for the nebulous full screen iPod and will instead be found in the iPhone. It was the patents that were acquired for the iPhone that started that speculation.

The iPhones PDA like capabilities have been leaked already, such as email (via WIFI), calc, ical support, and others so I won’t go into those. Obviously the games featured for the existing iPods will be playable on the new iPod.

Some of the coolest features that was mentioned was the ability to have a hands free conversation over auto adapters with the new iPhone. Bundled with the new phone is software called iTalk that keeps your voice from being carried over and includes privacy, IM, and sync features. Other cool features are the ability to control other Apple devices not yet released with your iPhone like a super remote control. Somehow I pictured the remote from the movie “Click”.

Wow….I can’t wait for this thing to be out. It is going to be tough to keep my Blackberry with so many great features on a phone like this.  It is rumored not to be out until sometime Q1 of next year, but sounds like it will be worth the wait.


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