One of my favorite new shows this season is Heroes from NBC. The creator, Tim Kring (IMDB), is interviewed over at the TV Addict. It’s a great interview for any fan of the show, but does include a number of spoilers.

Check out the Heroes blog here and Hiro’s blog as well.

Anyone else really into this show? or any others?


2 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. I like it, but are they trying to hard with the blogs and the comic?

    I like it when Fans create blogs, and are in charge of the online stuff.

    But the show is good. Tonight’s should be cool

  2. Coming from someone who runs a Heroes Fansite I can understand what you are saying about not liking “official blogs” created mostly for publicity. I think they are helpful in generating buzz though … and in the end buzz generates ratings, ratings bring advertisers, advertisers keep the show on the air .. and that keeps the fans happy.

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