T-Mobile: Dash

tmobdsahI love QWERTY phones, especially SmartPhones, but I have no interest in this new phone from T-Mobile at all. I beta tested the T-Mobile MDA, have used the SDA, and used Treo phones with the Windows OS, and I can say I personally hate it.

I do love the ability to use streaming audio over EDGE, but other than that I’ve never been impressed with the bulky OS on these phones. It also is a MyFaves phone.
I guess it’s mainly the OS that turns me off of this phone. The layout is alright…I’ve just been spoiled by the impeccable Blackberry OS. Anyone going to get one of these phones when they come out?

Update: As Dan pointed out in the comments, this phone would work very well with a SlingBox, which ironically I was looking at buying last night. The Blackberry doesn’t have an interface for the SlingBox….yet ;-). When I did have my MDA, I did watch TV thru ORB and it was very handy to have around.


17 thoughts on “T-Mobile: Dash

  1. I would go back to Blackberry myself but I keep ahold of my Treo 700w specifically because I use the Sling Player Mobile to watch my Slingbox on it. Once that functionality is available on the BB Os, I will be thrilled to get as far away from WM5 as possible.

  2. Forget Blackberry! I have one and would replace it with a Dash in a heartbeat. Great OS but crap functionality, I cant use t-mobile t-zones a $5.99 service in order to use this I have to sign up for the $19.99 Blackberry service to use the internet, no media player no video player, no card slot…anyway its my opinion, blackberry is great but the are greater things out there

  3. I think about to buy a Blackberry, a sales rep told me that I could cancel the $19.99 BB service after sign up because it’s optional. Then I could add the $5.99 t-zones service, I guess. Any better idea?

  4. Knight-

    There are really no t-zones available for the blackberry. Sure it has it on there, but you can’t access the internet, gtalk, aim, yahoo im, email without the blackberry service plan.

  5. A little old but, I love my dash. I owned a blackberry for two years and I can’t believe how much more productive I am with this thing.

  6. i have a t-mobile dash. i get the web great with the $19.99 package for unlimited. i get IMs, i get pretty good reception. i don’t know about other stuff. it has windows media player and a great mp3 player. i love this phone!

  7. i previously used an mda and have moved on to the wing. actually, i was given the wing because my mda broke (Again). a buddy of mine went from the mda to the dash. he likes it for now but will want something else in four months. i have no interest in this phone and never have. it may have a few decent qualities but i have no interest in it.

  8. The DASH is awesome – The only people that don’t like it are the phuking idiots that can’t understand it! Time for these dorks to buy a wallymart phone-to-go. ๐Ÿ˜†

  9. I just purchased the dash and I love this phone. Its like a pocket computers. It does everything I need it to do to keep me entertained. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. I just got my T-mobile dash 3 days ago, and i must say that i love it!!!….only after learning more about the phone and doing the JOGGR hack! It’s awesome!…i recommend anyone who has the dash to do the hack!! it’s very very easy. The wifey has the Blackberry Curve and i really wanted that phone, Not anymore!! i know the dash is a little old but i wouldnt not give it up for any Phone…….actually an iPhone ๐Ÿ˜†

    -Sean Pee

  11. hi, there i think T-mobile dash is one of the finest sets but it lacks in functionality, if please someone can help me into it i’ll be greatful. I have a problem that when somebody calls me the phone doesnt ring for so long and just after 2seconds it gets started. so please some one help me asap.


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