Blackberry Pearl: Are consumers ready?

pearn8100iPodI bought my Blackberry Pearl right when they came out, and it has been one of the hottest selling phones for T-Mobile in quite some time. There are even reports saying it is the next RAZR or even iPod.

With the introduction of this new MyFaves service as well, this is one of the best phones on T-mobile’s plate in terms of features and function to match the MyFaves service. There is one large problem for consumers when switching to the Blackberry…..the data plan.

I was speaking with someone who has a Pearl, and they told me they got rid of the data plan after only a week. Non-business consumers are used to a $5 data plan from most providers. This typically allows limited internet access, maybe some IM features, and possibly email. The Blackberry service plan offers all of these features, but at $20/month. This is a HUGE jump for most consumers.

The Blackberry, after growing up in the business world, has found most owners willing to pay up to $45 for the service plan on some carriers. So the question that should be asked, is the Pearl itself without the data plan worth the cost of the phone?

The next in line, in terms of MyFaves phone, cost less than HALF of what the Pearl does. It is the Samsung Trace, and offers the same 1.3 megapixel camera, the same video playback feature, EDGE, miniSD slot, and is thinner than the Pearl (but not by much).

The SureType keyboard on the Pearl makes it a better phone for txt messaging, but $100 premium for a better key layout?

8800allIs the Pearl ready for the consumer prime time? Ironically, the sames are thru the roof and continue to drive RIM stock higher and higher. (Disclaimer: I am a RIM stock holder) Also, what about the Crimson/Indigo aka the QWERTY version of the Pearl. If the Pearl by far the best Blackberry ever made, then the Crimson/Indigo will be the best business Blackberry ever. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those.


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