Dead laptop

Last Friday was the start of problems with my MacBook, of which once I returned home it was working without issue. Today, it will boot but only to a blue screen with a mouse that moves around the screen.

I’ve tried resetting the pram, doing a fsck. There’s not much else I know to do than break out the install cd.

A few weeks ago, I lost all of my music when my external hard drive fell to the ground while the hard drive was spinning. It was in the few days that I was selling my iPod and new one hadn’t arrived yet.

I hope that I can downgrade my OS with the Tiger install cd that came with the system and still keep all of the applications on the system. I do have it all backed up on Time Machine, but something tells me I am going to wait a while longer to try out ADC Leopard install.

Anyone have any advice?

BTW. It’s ironics that today in the mail I am getting a 120 gig internal SATA drive for my MacBook to upgrade the 60 that came with it.


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