Podcast Expo 2006

Well I had a great time at the Podcast Expo this year. I got to meet a lot of new people, and hang out with tons of folks from last year.

I have uploaded all of my flickr pictures to a set, which you can find here. Also check tags like PME, PME06, podcastexpo, and portablemediaexpo on Flickr for some great pictures.

Drew (of The Dawn and Drew Show!) came up with a great domain at the expo, Flickrazzi.com and managed to register it before I could. Right now he has it linked to his photos on Flickr. Their Dippin’ Dots party was pretty cool, but REALLY crowded. I was glad when we moved it downstairs to the Podshow room.
Dawn, Nick Starr, and Drew

A special thanks goes out to Natalie and Sal for putting me up in the beautiful Ayres hotel for the weekend. I REALLY appreciate it. Thanks you two.

Patrick and Hollywood Adam, from Nobody Likes Onions, were really cool to me at the expo. We even drove out to the casino the second afternoon. None of us won any money, but at least Patrick got to play poker with James Woods.

The expo itself this year wasn’t as good as last year, but the parties were certainly more insane* (aka NSFW).
Robert Scoble and Nick StarrI got to meet some of the HUGE names in tech, like Robert Scoble and Jason Calacanis.

Jason Calacanis & Nick Starr

Thanks again to everyone I met and was able to hang out with.

All in all, I can’t wait till next year. It seems to be in Ontario, CA Sept 28-30th, see ya then.

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