T-mobile: myFaves

pearl 006

Remember this mysterious logo on my new Blackberry Pearl box? Well T-Mobile has finally revealed the story behind this logo. It’s their new service called myFaves, which allows you to call up to 5 people unlimited per month. Now, when I first heard about this, I also learned that only certain phones would work with this service. It didn’t make sense to me since all they are doing is taking all of those calls and making them free.

Here’s where the myFaves only works on certain phones. You have this circle of 5 buddy icons that you can customize that show up in the middle of your phone screen. You can spin around the circle and instantly call, sms, mms, email, etc any one of your 5 faves. It adds this little extra touch to the service to make it easy to call these people. There is a list of compatable phones here.
favspearlOn the Pearl, whenever you use the end call button to go back to the main menu, it puts the cursor on the first fav, instead of the last app you used. I have to say, I am not enjoying the fact that I have to navigate to my inbox to check messages, when the cursor should be there already.

You can hide this “circle” of faves, and just simply call them for free, which is what I might be doing. It really doesn’t make much sense to make someone go out and buy a new phone just to get this rate plan, when it could all be done without this silly circle icon of faves.


The cheapest plan is $39.99 with 300 minutes, nights and weekends, and your 5 faves unlimited. There are many other plans to choose from, including family plans and plans with Blackberry service included.

I should point out, that your 5 myFaves friends can be ANY phone number on ANY network including a landline. It’s simliar to Alltel’s MyCircle, but I don’t know anyone on Alltel (appoligies to anyone reading this on Alltel). Alltel does offer more users under your favorites, but both services only allow you to change the numbers once a month.

All in all, it seems to be a bit on the stupid side to shut out the ability to use this service to all users, but then again, I am sure that some people will go out and buy a myFaves compatable phone now. I’ll see in a month if the 300 minutes plus the 5 myFaves is enough minutes for me.


5 thoughts on “T-mobile: myFaves

  1. i wonder if ppl with a plan already can just add this service and at what cost, if thats the case i thik i’ll be getting a new phone so i can have acces to this. thank for the info.

  2. Ok. The question here is… Can you remove your sim from your myfaves phone and then put your sim into your old phone and still communicate with your faves and not be charged extra? I was told by a tmobile rep that you MUST use a myfaves phone for it to work. i think not. I think this is only for jest….

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