Zune Vs. iPod

Because I don’t know (as it has been pointed out) that I can honestly compare the Zune vs the iPod without bias, I found an article that shows the major differences between the two mp3 players.

I will say that iPod wins 6 to 5 on features over the Zune, but it all depends on your choice. The major drive that the Zune has is the “social” aspect where you can share files, but only for a set period, wirelessly with friends who also have Zunes.

Check it out.


One thought on “Zune Vs. iPod

  1. Dude, you picked another guy who says he is NOT a Fan of windows.

    Find an article NOT written on a MAC, and we will have a conversation.

    I Do not plan on buying one, I don’t think the ZUNE will be better than the ipod, and the ipod will get a screen size the match the zune and then the ipod will be the clear WInner.

    I use windows and I have an older MAC in my closet. Linux is on tap next month for a test run. I will NOT praise a company I do NOT work for or own stock in. They do not care what I think. I will use the best tools for the project at hand.

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