Pre-Order: iPod Shuffle


The new iPod shuffle that is set to launch in October is now available for pre-order on Apple has not released any information about when this product will be released in October, but Amazon shows October 11th as the ship date.

Keep in mind, buying from Amazon offers free shipping and no sales tax, compared from ordering from Apple, which now no longer offers the student discount on iPods. This iPod shuffle is 1 gig and retails for $79.

Pre-ordder it now.


5 thoughts on “Pre-Order: iPod Shuffle

  1. Apple offers free shipping on all purchases of $50 or more and free laser engraving on any ipod bought online. They list october 31st because they have no other date to list and won’t tip their hand.

  2. Be careful ordering ipods on Apple Online Store. I ordered my new ipod and it was stolen. I had it send to my office, and when the UPS indicated that the package was “delivered” on their website, the package was no where to be found. The package was even signed, except it’s by a person that doesn’t exist in my company. I called Apple and they said they’ll investigate. It’s been three weeks now and Apple still not doing anything about it. It just kept sending me e-mails saying that “it’s inquiring with the carrier company (UPS).”
    It’s not worth it risking your money buying from a online store where there’s no safe delivery guarantee.

  3. I’ve ordered Nanos from the Apple store before with no problems. I’ve ordered the new shuffle and have the Oct 31st date but hope it ships before then. Amazon is good too, I’ve ordered lots of stuff from them over the years.

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