Unboxing: 80 gig iPod

iPod 012Here is the official unboxing ceremony of my new Apple 80 gig white iPod. Is it me or does the box seem a bit wider on this iPod?

iPod 019Well there isn’t too much exciting except for the new headphones, which fit very comfortably into my ears.

iPod 022Watch the Flickr set.


9 thoughts on “Unboxing: 80 gig iPod

  1. How is it overpriced? It is the cheapest per gig mp3 player on the market. The 60 gig when it first came out and only played photos (no video) was $599. This is a fraction of that cost and has an extra 20 gigs and plays video, is smaller, and has a bigger/brighter screen.

  2. I have the non U2 80 gig… I think it might be a bit bigger than the 30/60, but Im not too sure. Cases are always sold in two sets, one fitting the 30/60 and one fitting the 80… I hope not, I ordered a case on the net and forgot to specify that I had an 80 in case of size difference. If you know do tell.

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