Okay, well today I seemed to open Pandora’s box. I found a link to this music service, Pandora,  that offers unlimited music streaming. You can see album art, give a song a thumbs up or down, buy from iTunes or Amazon, save as a favorite, etc.

The way it all starts off is with one band or song. I typed in one of my favorite bands, and it automatically loaded up a ton of music that I’ve been listening to for about 5 hours straight. After the first few songs, they request that you register to keep listening for free. The only fee involved is if you want the ad taken off the page, but it isn’t a major issue, so free is for me.

Once you register, you can create multiple “radio” stations that are customized to your listening needs. I am using it to find a bunch of new music that I will be downloading onto my new 80 gig iPod (more on that in a bit).

Check it out today and find new artists.


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