Pearl: Bluetooth modem

bbpearlmodemiOne of my major gripes about the Blackberry 8700g is that it was never able to be used as a modem under OS X. I have even suported Alex King’s bounty to get it to work on the OS X, however per the bounty, the solution must be found within the next 11 days. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

The new Blackberry Pearl though does allow for modem use over the EDGE network on T-Mobile. I found a script to enable the use under OS X over on It was quite simple. Download the script to /Library/Modem Scripts/, setup the bluetooth on the phone using the info below:

  • Username, Password: leave blank
  • GPRS CID: *99***1#

Finally, In the Internert Connections blutooth tab, put as the phone number, and guest/guest for username/password.

I am getting speeds as fast as 200k, which is the upper limit of EDGE, from the Speakeasy speed test. T-Mobile’s EDGE speed pretty much peeks at that speed, so I’m getting the full bandwidth. It isn’t the fastest wireless connection, but it certainly works better than paying for T-Mobile’s service at Starbucks or some other random service at at airport.

I know Alex is waiting to upgrade till there is a QWERTY version of the Pearl (which is rumored to not have a camera and be model 8800), but I for one have gotten used to the SureType within days and am so happy with my purchase that I’ve already sold my Blackberry 8700g. I just hope the 8800 has modem support as well.

P.S. The internet service you get thru the bluetooth modem is covered in your unlimited blackberry plan from T-Mobile, so no additional fees are involved.


5 thoughts on “Pearl: Bluetooth modem

  1. I am unfamiliar with using a phone as a bluetooth modem. What are the costs? If you have the unlimited Blackberry usage, does it cost nothing, or is there a per minute fee? Thanks for your time

  2. If you use the blackberry pearl as a modem, and have the data unlimited plan through your service provider (in my case Tmobile), then it doesn’t cost any extra.

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