Voice Dial

Okay I haven’t had a phone that could voice dial in quite some time, so when I saw that my new Blackberry Pearl offered it, I wasn’t that thrilled.

Apparently I’ve missed out on quite a bit. The BB scanned the entire address book, and then a woman prompted me for a command. I thought I would have to program in my voice, etc….nope.

So, I say, “Call Eric.” “Did you want to call Eric S?” “Yes”

Wow…okay that was nifty….now try this one

“Dial 800-866-2453” “Dialing 800-866-2453” ..Amazing!

You can even check the battery strength, signal, and other phone options simply with voice commands. It has been accurate 100% of the time so far, and I’ve tried to throw it some curve balls. It even worked in a noisy room.
Maybe I’ve just been out of the voice dialing loop for a while, but this (especially the dialing any numbers you say) is going to be great for bluetooth dialing.


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