Blackberry Pearl: Unboxing

pearl 001Well I finally upgraded from my Blackberry 8700 to the new Pearl. I’ve never had a SureType QWERTY phone before and it is taking a bit to get used to. For the most part I’d say 99.9% of what I’ve typed has been correct, with the exception of my username on Gtalk, NickStarr.

pearl 029I find myself CONSTANTLY reaching for the side of the device for the scroll wheel that just isn’t there. That has been the biggest change for me thus far.

I can’t seem to find any themese online, except for the 4 that come with the BB. I can’t decide which one I will stick with, but for now I am on the T-Mobile Zen.

One thing I did notice on the box was this new logo. I saw a blog post about it yesterday as well. Seems as if T-Mobile is looking to rebrand just a bit.
pearl 006

This phone shows smudges VERY easily. At the very least, I will be getting a skin when they come out later this month for only $9.95.

One thing should be noted, this phone DOES NOT come with the microSD card. You are on your own as far as media is concerned….thanks a ton RIM ::rolls eyes::

You can check out all of the unboxing pics in this Flickr set.

P.S. Special thanks to my parents who gave me the money to buy this as a birthday present.


11 thoughts on “Blackberry Pearl: Unboxing

  1. So how’s the AIM on this thing? I’m an SK3 user addicted to my AIM, and the T-Mobile rep told me flat out that I should stick to the Sidekick in that case.

    Said the Pearl still requires one to refresh, etc. to get messages. But T-Mobile reps have a history of being less than informed, true, untrue, insights?

  2. I’m kind of new to this nickstarr thing, but my question is: well I just ordered my blackberry pearl, and I’m very excited, I see that it comes with an mp3 player, I wanted to know do I purchase the music from a specific website, or can I just put music that I already have on my computer for example itunes???

  3. You can use the software included to load up music files you already own. It accepts a wide variety of formats of music, but music with a DRM on it (like iTunes/Napster/Yahoo Music) purchases won’t play on it, since the phone isn’t setup to work with those types of DRM files. You can burn those files onto cd, then rip them back to your computer as mp3s.

    There isn’t any Blackberry Music store to speak of, although from what I’ve seen with phone based music stores, they aren’t that great to begin with.
    Also you don’t get much in the way of memory, but can find a cheap 512 or 1 gig MicroSD card on NewEgg or other such tech websites.

    Hope that helps Rharry

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