Zune: Two days late…

…and 50 gigs short.


Microsoft has officially launched the Zune, and much to your non-suprise, it looks like a product that Microsoft has made.

It is only 30 gigs, yet does have WiFi, FM tuner built in, and a 3″ screen compared to the iPods 2.5″ screen. It apparently works with a Zune music store, which does offer a monthly subscription for all the zune-tastic songs you want to download to your device. It does the basic music, video, photo playback that you would come to expect.

This feature I guess was supposed to be cool, but really isn’t. There is a Zune-to-Zune feature where you can share a song with a friend who can then only listen it 3 times within 3 days. After that they can flag it to be purchased in their Zune Marketplace. Umm yeah, no thanks.


Personally, I will never be buying one of these…EVER. I just don’t see where this is better than the iPod in terms of use and appeal…and who the hell decided to make one the color of shit brown?

P.S. You still can’t buy one yet, this is just Microsoft officially announcing it. There is no price set yet, although with only 30 gigs, it had better be under $249 (the price of a 30 gig iPod).


2 thoughts on “Zune: Two days late…

  1. It is hard to read a review of a MS product from a Apple fanboy., and think the digs are not biased.

    Don’t interject your feeling in the post. Because it make you sound a little Jealous of some of the features.

    they had to do a Color, white is taken.

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