AIM & MSN to come to Blackberry

It’s about time. Google Talk and Yahoo! IM have been on the Blackberry since (honestly) the first day I got my Blackberry. The one major issue when switching away from the Sidekick II to the Blackberry 7290 when I did, was AIM. I used AIM all the time on the SKII.


Well it looks like MSN and AIM (along with ICQ) will be headed to the Blackberry very soon. There have been countless 3rd party alternatives, which I haven’t been impressed with. I also don’t feel the need to pay a company a yearly fee just to use AIM on my phone.

According to BlackBerry Forums Super Moderator, jibi, these will be BB native applications, that run as smooth as Google Talk does.  I can’t wait!

This weekend I should be picking up my new BB Pearl, it would be nice to finally have a good AIM client to go with it.

One thought on “AIM & MSN to come to Blackberry

  1. i was wondering if the AIM on the bb pearl is good like the skII because i was thinking on getting the pearl just for the AIM.

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