iTunes 7 – Woah

Man I am lovin’ iTunes 7. Everything is seperated in terms of Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Radio, iTunes Store, etc.

The new movie store is awesome….you can glide thru all of the featured movies. Most movies are $9.99.

The iPod games seems cool, and I can’t wait to get the new 80 gig iPod to install those on.

One of the coolest parts is, you can scroll thru the music library the same way you can the Movie store and see all of the album art. This is called Cover Flow, which was a 3rd party app that apparently Apple purchased. This has got to be one of the best releases Apple has ever put out.

I am very impressed with the overall layout. It is cleaner, yet still VERY user friendly. Great job Apple!

In terms of the new iPods…..

I will be buying an 80 gig white iPod, a 4 gig blue nano (the only 8 gig is the black, and I want the blue one), and the 1 gig iPod shuffle in October. Total cost of my new iPods: $649. Way to go Apple…you just made me spend over $600 on new products.

Anyone want my 60 gig iPod? It will be on eBay soon, I’m sure.


8 thoughts on “iTunes 7 – Woah

  1. So.. you are homeless, but yet you spend 600$ on iPods. iPods that don’t even bring anything new except their looks. Dude, get your priorities straight! (sorry no-native english speaker here)

  2. yeah… they’re making you do that. and they all don’t do the same thing. and 600 dollars couldn’t get you like, a month’s rent, or something.

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