Covering the Coverage: It's Showtime

  • So we’ll see you all soon. Oh, we do have one more thing!
    All this technology is amazing, but it all comes down to artists
    because otherwise we don’t have anything to listen to or watch.
    We like to remind ourselves of that. So today we have a great artist
    here to perform for us. his name is John Legend. He was nominated for 8 Grammy awards and won 3.
    He’s got a new album coming out next month called Once Again, so I would like it if you would please joing me in welcoming John Legend
    [Legend appears at a full-size piano to sing an acoustic version of Save “Room”]
  • “Apple is in your den now,” says Jobs. “Apple is in your living room. Apple is in your car. Apple is in your pocket.”
  • iTV works with iTunes on PC or Mac – available Q1 2007
  • The software features 3D animated graphics with a menu on the right and graphics on the left. Jobs demonstrated it, going into the Movies menu and scrolling through floating artwork on the left-hand side.
  • iTV lets you get access to trailers and itunes store selected content from internet
  • [Steve finds and plays The Incredibles. it’s not 640×480, it’s HDTV]
  • Video access is instantaneous, looks like watching a DVD; Interface is like next gen front row
  • This is it. More importantly I have a WORKING one plugged in right here … [he flips through iTV super-FrontRow app]
  • Works with Apple Remote
  • Box is like 1/2 size of Mac mini .iTV is its name (not final). That’s a codeword. we need to come up with a better name
    USB, ethernet, 802.11 wireless, component video, optical audio, HDMI ports.
  • Apple is releasing its long-rumored set-top box in Q1 2007. It will be Wireless
  • [Steve is back] So, you can now buy movies on the iTunes store. You can watch them on a computer near you, and you can watch them on an iPod near you. To summarize what we’ve seen today:
    A new enhanced iPod
    A ground up new design for the second generation nano
    AND, a second generation iPod Shuffle. the smallest mp3 player in the world, and the most wearable mp3 player
    itunes 7, with cover flow view
    and of course, movies
    What i’d like to do hear is have all the folks who’ve been part of the engineering team, marketing, operations, i’d like you all to stand up

    But there is one last thing ….

    10:52AM – It’s a sneak peek of a product that will be announced in the first quarter of 2007.
    I think it completes the story, so we’ve decided to go ahead and show it to you today.

    10:53AM – We’ve now got … all sorts of great digital content on the itunes store. And you can take that content and download it to your computer. It can be a Mac or a PC — I’m going to use a mac because i’m biased – and you can sync it to your ipod. But what about that big flat-panel TV you bought last weekend? Well, you need a box to drive that screen..

  • Iger: “Deep down we knew the marriage of great content with great technology is truly a killer application. Today we’re going to take the next step in moving movies to new media platforms. People love to watch movies at theatres, when the curtain comes up and there’s pirates or cars … People also like to watch movies at home, with their wife or a date … Now, we’re provding a way to watch movies on this new platform. [We can’t keep up with his list of titles, but it runs from The Sixth Sense to Cars to Curse of the Black Pearl] I want to make one brief introduction, that’s Dick Cook, chairman of the Walt Disney company [whose seat back we’ve been kicking, sorry about that].
  • Bob Iger of Disney takes stage, and recaps what Jobs has already said
  • near DVD image quality
    Dolby surround audio
    Same day as DVD
    Pre-order with one click
    Usage rights = same as TV shows
    Parental controls extended to include MPAA ratings
    International in 2007
  • iPod boxes now show Pirates of the Carribbean
  • U.S. now, International in 2007.
  • Dolby surround audio in videos
  • “iTunes Store” is the name name; better interface on the home page; “near DVD quality” 640×480 resolution (meh); 5-6mb broadband download in 30 minute
  • Can watch movie as it downloads.
    Can download multiple movies at once.
  • most titles will be 9.99
  • New releases 12.99 preorders and first week, after that up to 14.99
  • 75 films online today, more every week and month
  • Today, films from Walt Disney, Pixar, Touchstone, Miramax. (all Disney owned)
  • So, in one fell swoop we’ve gone from this, to this, but there is one more thing…And that is Movies. Today we’re going to talk about adding movies to the iTunes store
  • Tv shows – started with 1 network, 5 shows.
  • “one more thing…”
  • “Gapless playback isn’t just for new songs you buy. iTunes 7 goes back through your library and unites tracks that were meant to be played together

  • If I buy a new episode that’s more recent, it’ll update the iPod and swap out the other one. It’ll automatically keep your iPod up to date.
    It’s also easier to move your iTunes from one computer to another. Let’s say you have one comuter at home and at work, both authorized with the same account. You can transfer purchased content between authorized computers – it’ll upload from your ipod to your work itunes”
  • Can now sync iPod content to second computer. AWESOME!!! move iTunes media between multiple computers with iPod as the conduit!
  • You can update your iPod from right inside iTunes now, you don’t need to go to Preferences. You can say, “I want to sync the 10 most recent unwatched episides of all my TV shows.”
  • Now, we were just talking about tv shows, let me give you an update there. customers havef downloaded over 45M tv shows. We started last october with only 5 shows. we now have 220 shwos from over 40 networks. we’re adding a new network, the NFL network. they’re bringing the whole 2006 NFL season highlights to itunes today. $199 per game or $24.99 for a season pass.

    Now, all of this video is encoded with the best encoding in the world, H.264. We’ve been distributing it at 320×240. Today, we’re going to take that up a notch to 640×480. That’s 4x the resolution. iTunes 7 also has seamless playback for video.

  • Today we’re introducing the biggest single enhancement: iTunes 7
    You say “it looks the same,” but it isn’t
    [the left nav is more cleanly organized without being radically different]
    We’ve added a View switch, a 3-position switch. we’ve added a 2nd view called album view, so you can scroll through your music library and look at it by album. what if you ripped your CDs and don’t have the covers? Today we’re announcing free missing album cover art for all the music in your library if you have an itune acct. itunes will automatically download it for free
    but there’s something even better. that’s the third view. it’s called Cover Flow view
  • NFL 2006 season coming to iTMS.
    New 640×480 video resolution (was 320×240).
    Gapless playback in iTunes 7.
  • dsc_0860

  • Source list now includes Library with separate libraries for all forms of media.
    Store now has own section, devices have own section.
    Album art view – Apple will provide art for any music in your library.
    Cover flow view – Find music by album flipping.
  • iPod shuffle:
    10 million shuffles sold.
    Second-generation today.
    Metal body with white click wheel.
    12-hour battery
    Available October.
    1GB – $79
  • 8GB is $249 in all colors
  • 4GB is $199 in all colors but black
  • 2GB is $149 in silver only
  • Green silver black blue pink
  • thinner than first nano (they can make it thinner?!); colors just like the mini
    24 hour battery for nano; black color nano added; 3 models: 2GB silver, 4GB all colors (except black), 8GB model in black
    double nano storage for same price; 52% volume reduction in packaging; 40% smaller charger, new armband, new lanyard headphones
  • Nano is now, as rumored, Aluminum and in colors
  • 249 and 349 with 60GB and 80GB capacity
  • games will work on 5G ipods
  • new iPod software features: instant searching, new games (Bejeweled, Cubis 2, Mahjong, Mini golf, pac man, tetris, texas holdem, vortex, and zuma)
    games for sale off iTunes for $4.99
  • iPod is getting enhanced today. 60% brighter with brighness control, 3.5 hours video playback (up from 2 hrs… big version goes to 6.5 hours), new headphones, gapless playback
  • iPods. 3 iPods: iPod, Nano, and Shuffle
  • “We’re going to give you an overview of the iPod and then move onto some other produts. we’ve shipped over 65 million ipods as of june, and there are lots of acccessories. there’s a new place you can use your iPod [shot of ipod toliet paper dispenser] 70 percent of the new cars sold in the US offer iPod connectivity as an option.”

    “We’ve sold over 450,000 Nike +iPod Sport Kits and it’s been less than 90 days.”

  • STEVE Jobs has entered the platform

  • HOLY COW!!! The It’s Showtime event might be a live video stream from Apple. Check this link and try watching during the keynote.
  • outsideshowtime
    From this picture outside of the venue, I doubt there will be a widescreen iPod released today. When the iPod with video was released, there were posters of the new iPod outside the theatre. Unless they change the poster after the keynote, don’t look for a 16:9 iPod today. My prediction is that there will be an aluminium iPod nano which I am all about, since the iPod mini was my favorite iPod design so far.
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