Unboxing Amazon

amaunboxI have to hand it Amazon, they are becoming one of my favorite companies up there with Apple and Google. This new service from Amazon, Amazon Unbox, comes out a mere few days before Apple’s “It’s Showtime” event, thus trumping them on a video download service.

Let me first say that it is PC only…boo Amazon.

You download the Unbox software, and start downloading. TV shows are $1.99 an episode, or buy buying the entire season you save around 20%. Movies are as well from $10-$20.

You can configure multiple PC’s to work with the software, so that you could buy a movie on your work computer, but have it already downloaded on your home pc when you get home.

There are 7 movie networks signed on, and over 25 TV stations as well with content ready to be downloaded.

Your first download of over $1.99 is free from Amazon to try out the service, a great way for them to get you to download the software. I am going to see how well it works thru Parallels on my Media Center XP install.

Until Tuesday, I have to say I like Amazon for a movie download service over Movielink and others out there….that is….until Tuesday 😉

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