MagSafe won't stay. Solution: MagStay

When Apple announced the new MagSafe power connector, everyone oohh and aahh’d. It sounded great on paper, and even looked cool how it would pop right out.

Over at ArsTechnica, they addressed my issue with the MagSafe…it doesn’t stay. When you are on the couch or bed, it pops out and you often don’t realize it until your battery is dead. MagSafe is great for anytime that the cord is drapped where someone can trip over it…but a majority of the time, I use my MacBook on my bed (well at least I used to).

Well there is a product specifically for those times when you don’t need the “mag” protection from someone tripping over the cord. It’s called the MagStay, and it comes in a Pro and non-Pro edition. You can pre-order the MagStay Pro now for only $9.99. It fits into the MagSafe and USB connection on the MBP, and MagSafe and Ethernet on the MB. The ethernet on a laptop isn’t typically something that is used, and there are USB ports on the other side of the MBP that can be used.
It solves the issue of using the MacBook Pro/Non-Pro on your bed. Granted this isn’t for everyone, and the MagSafe design by Apple is genius, but there are times when it just seems to get kicked out too easily.

Check it out over at


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