One hour with the Pearl


Over the weekend, I was given a Blackberry Pearl to play around with for about an hour. I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures, but let me tell you what…if you are a fan of the Blackberry, but have always wanted a few extras, this is it.

My first impression was on how sleek it looked. It is shiny, smooth, thin, and has a “cool” factor that BB has missed out on for quite some time. It is thinner than the RAZR (while the RAZR is closed). It certainly has the “candy bar” look and feel to it.


The main feature that I noticed right off was the scroll button in the middle of the device. It is the same scroll button as the new Sidekick 3. This will help attract people that went to the SK3 and are only marginally happy with it. It will be an easy transition. There is no more sidescroll, thus getting rid of a lot of the “blackberry thumb” syndrome. This also makes the Pearl a great device to use with just one hand. I know for me it will take a while to not type with both thumbs, but this device makes it easy.
This is the first Blackberry that is going to be widely accepted from others outside of the standard “business user” market. The key feature it is missing, is a good AIM client. Gtalk and Yahoo work like a champ on this phone.
I am still not used to the SureType keyboard, but every word I tried to type out, it seemed to recognize.

If you are on a 7100 series of the Blackberry…UPGRADE!!! For 8700 users like myself, if you can get past the SureType, this is the best BB ever created. Finally a BB that can easily slip into your pocket and not cause the “Blackberry Bulge.”


On the downside, it does seem to get a bit slick just from touching it due to the metalic sides it has. The pictures are as good as any 1.3megapixel camera could be. I wasn’t able to mess with the video function to see how well that worked.

All in all, it’s a great $200 phone, and I know it is what I am asking for on my birthday ::cough:: less than one week away 9/11 ::cough::

If you aren’t sure about a Blackberry, this phone is perfect…because it can be used simply as a regular phone, that just happens to have a great keyboard system and instant email. Run don’t walk on September 12th to get yours.


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