This one is a bit tough to write…

As of today, I am officially homeless. Last night I spent the night in my car, which was not one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had. I woke up drenched in sweat a few times, and trying to find a place to park where I wouldn’t be disrupted was a bit difficult.

This starts back a month or more ago, when I was looking for a new 3rd room-mate, because our third room-mate was moving out. I went on and paid the $20 for 1 month. I had only 2 people come by and look at the place within the month. It was a 3 bedroom, 1500 sq ft, 1 car garage, W/D townhouse. The main problem was the non-master bedrooms were a bit small (more suitable for a children’s room). Now they weren’t tiny…plenty enough room for a bed, dresser, desk, tv, and had a closet too. The first person loved the place until they saw the room, at which point they began to laugh out loud.

The second person came 1 day before we had to call up the owner and tell him we were moving out. He liked the place and said he could get the money the next day. The rent is $1350/month, so his share was $450 with a $450 deposit. He paid the next day, and one roomie moved out, and a new moved in. This new guy, Jeremy, was 18 and about to be the first in his family to start college. He had registered at the local university and had 1 month till school started.

He didn’t have a job locally, but managed to get one at Sonic less than a block away. I don’t even know if he was making enough to pay rent, but at least he was working.

A few days before rent was due, I get a call from my other roomie who has been living at the townhouse for the past year. He tells me Jeremy cleared out all of his belongings, and some of ours. I rush home to find nothing major (laptop, computer, radio equipment) stolen. We try to contact him and get a hold of him at his parents house back in Lake County, Florida. He made some excuse about a family emergency and the he would be back…yeah right.

Wow this is starting to be a bit long, I apologize.

We scramble to find a new room-mate, but time is ticking down. We try to look at a new place only to get turned down by one, have one rented out from under us in another, and turned down at another. Reason for being turned down, is I had a major emergency while living in Portland, Oregon, and had to move home as quickly as possible. I wasn’t allowed to sublet my place, and the complex ended up sending me the bill for over $3000. We even tried to get a privately owned condo, and the owner, who turned out to be quite a miserable woman, wanted double the deposit, a last and first month payment, and even wanted my parents to cosign for the place. That wasn’t happening.

So we called up the current owner, and he told us that we could pay for 1 month, but be out in 1/2 that time, and he would cancel the lease. Good news for us, that we are able to get out of this lease, but sucks we only have now a week or so to find the new place, which as mentioned before, didn’t work out so well.

My old roomie wasn’t any help in trying to find a new place, and didn’t even have the money for the application fees. I decided to cut my losses and pack my stuff away. I got a storage unit that is now packed full with all my personal items, and I’m living with some clothes, pillows, and blankets out of my car. I still have my day job, but had to quit Starbucks, simply because they wouldn’t give me the time off to move out this week. I would of been working from 8a-5p then from 5:30p-11pm every day this week, not leaving many hours left in the day to pack.

I have worked out a nice system of packing clean and dirty clothes away and am going to join the gym (simply because I need to work out, it will give me a place to hang out during my off-work hours, and it will give me a place to shower daily).

On the weekends, there is a hostel in Clearwater right on the beach for only $15 a day, so I will be staying there on weekends. During the week, I guess lots of hanging out at Starbucks, and other places where there is WiFi. I still have my MacBook with me, and have started a video blog over at It wasn’t meant to be used for that, but the title seems appropriate now.

I guess that’s all for now. Have a great 3 day weekend. Hopefully it stops raining here. Feel free to drop me a line anytime (me [at]


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