Google Hosted Office

Google announced today a beta version of Google Apps for Your Domain, which includes Gmail with 2 gigabytes of storage, Google Calendar, Google Talk and Page Creator.

The new service is an extension of Gmail for Your Domain, a service that Google launched in beta version in February. It allows organizations to use Gmail applications with their own e-mail address, instead of the “” domain.

I’ve been using Gmail for my Domain’s email, and it works flawlessly. I think this is the perfect option for a small business looking to find a cheaper entry into the Office Suite of products. I don’t know why they don’t include Google Spreadsheets and Writely, but I’m sure in the future they will be offered.

If you already have Gmail for your Domain, you can simply go into and Manage your domain, and add these new features. I have tried to access my Calendar which isn’t up and working yet.

I don’t think I want to use Google Pages to change my entire domain, but i do have a Google Talk account that is me (at), instead of just the NickStarr (at) account.

Blackberry Pearl

Should I upgrade? The Blackberry Pearl comes out the day after my birthday (9/11 being my birthday), and it is pretty much a BB/SK3 hybrid.

It has all of the Blackberry features that I’ve grown to become addicted to, and the camera, mp3 player, etc that the SK3 had up on the BB.

I have never used the SureType keyboard, and have heard mixed reviews from friends who use it. I guess that is the major thing holding me back.  I wish they had all of these features coming out on a 8700 style’d model. Maybe I will wait until that happens.

Get a Mac – More Commercials

Yet another 3 commercials from the Get a Mac compaign. I personally don’t find them as funny as the others, but then again that might be since my friends and I use (or misuse) the term “touche” quite a bit now.

Also, is it just me, or did they add a bit of gradient to the bottom of the screen?

[quicktime width=”480″ height=”376″][/quicktime]

Check out the other two here: Angel/Demon & Trust Mac.

Apple recalls batteries too

ibookApple has started to recall some iBook and PowerBook batteries because they contain a battery cell produced by Sony that is a fire hazard.

  • 12-inch iBook G4 battery (battery model number A1061) with a battery serial number falling within the ranges of ZZ338 through ZZ427, 3K429 through 3K611 or 6C510 through 6C626
  • 12-inch PowerBook G4 battery (battery model number A1079) with a battery serial number falling within the ranges of ZZ411 through ZZ427 or 3K428 through 3K611
  • 15-inch PowerBook G4 battery (battery model numbers A1078 and A1148) with a battery serial number falling within the ranges of 3K425 through 3K601, 6N530 through 6N551 or 6N601

I know a few friends with laptops with these serial numbers. Make sure to forward this to anyone who might have an iBook or PowerBook.

If you have one of these batteries, contact Apple at (800) 275-2273 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. CT Monday through Sunday or log on to Apple’s Web site to check the battery’s serial number and request a replacement battery.

That's no moon…

In a horiffic sudden event this week, Pluto was destroyed by what some are describing as a small moon, or even a space station. The Empire has not been able to be reached for comment.

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine… well Pizza’s is no more.

It can be said in the intergalactic game of Survivor, “And then there were eight.”

Okay, in all seriousness, Pluto is no longer a planet. Although it may not of been voted out of the island, destroyed by the Death Star, or even swallowed by a worm hole…Pluto has been degraded to the status of “dwarf planet”. The other 8 planets are considered “classical planet” (apparently because of their love of Bach’s music).

Okay, so this is the cheesiest post EVER…but it’s all to say…Pluto is a planet no more.

Blue-Blooded Blogger

I found this list of items that classify you as a “Blue-Blooded Blogger”, and quite a few strike home.

  • you have more blog friends than ‘real life’ friends.
  • you’re blogging in your head before you fall asleep.
  • your out of town girlfriend and you converse in your blog’s comments.
  • you tell your friends and family things like, “I’ll ping you and you ping me back,” or “Okay, I want to trackback on your last comment…”
  • you blog in your head an event that’s happening at that very moment!
  • you actually take the time to figure out how to set up Active Desktop in Windows just so that you can make your Bloglines MyBlogs page your Windows background.
  • and then you actually leave it that way because you like it… and you make that your browser home page.
  • all of the visible entries in your browser’s links toolbar relate to blogging!

Okay so not all of them ring true….but that Bloglines ActiveDesktop trick might be a good idea.

Paris + YouTube = Crazy STD's?

Paris Hilton has partnered with YouTube and even has her own channel on there.  It doesn’t seem to be as popular as other YouTube stars yet with the stats pretty low:

 Views: 45,344  |  Subscribers: 749
Compared to YouTube star Brookers:

 Views: 2,459,939  |  Subscribers: 16,879

I’m sure Paris will bring even more people to the YouTube revolution that is sweeping the net, but  I want to know when Paris’ sex tape is going to be on YouTube under her channel, not just posted by other members.

Back to School: Mac program essentials

There is a great list of programs that every student should have on their new mac laptop as they head back to school. It is also a great list to check out for anyone else with a mac. I’m happy to say I use about 80% of the products mentioned.

One program mentioned that I didn’t know about was iAlertU. You lock your laptop with your Apple remote, and if it is moved at all, it takes a picture of the perp and locks down the system. Perfect for those long study scessions in the library when you need to get up to head to the bathroom.