Blackberry Pearl

Should I upgrade? The Blackberry Pearl comes out the day after my birthday (9/11 being my birthday), and it is pretty much a BB/SK3 hybrid.

It has all of the Blackberry features that I’ve grown to become addicted to, and the camera, mp3 player, etc that the SK3 had up on the BB.

I have never used the SureType keyboard, and have heard mixed reviews from friends who use it. I guess that is the major thing holding me back.  I wish they had all of these features coming out on a 8700 style’d model. Maybe I will wait until that happens.


4 thoughts on “Blackberry Pearl

  1. Looks really nice, but can you get some extra software on it? Like Route Navigation, Skype?

    I’m waiting for the SonyEricsson P990, but it’s not Mac compatible yet, so maybe I’ll go for the HTC TyTN… difficult 🙂

  2. Just to let you know, I’ve used older blackberry’s, treo’s, non-handheld cell phones, windows devices, and the blackberry 7100. IMHO, the SureType is absolutely awesome! The bigger keys allow for easier button pushing (a real pain on treo’s), it is very intelligent (unlike non-handheld devices), and allows you to manage you “dictionary” of words very easily. There would have to be a d*mn good reason for me to go back to a regular style keyboard like the other non-SureType blackberry’s. My recommendation… go for it! it takes about 15mins of practice and you will be rockin’ and rollin’! I practiced by typing the titles of my DVD collection. My only concern is how different the navigation button will be compared to the scroll wheel. Shouldn’t be a big deal (i hope).

    In either case, I can’t wait for the Pearl to come out. I’m going to be ready on 9/12 with credit card in hand.

  3. My only concern is how rugged it is. I have a 7230 now that has been beaten to hell – but still works great. Has a hole in the corner, took it to Hawaii with me and when I came back it was full of sand. Works fine. I have shorted the keyboard out by sweating into it a few times, but once it dries out it bounces right back. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped the thing. It this were a treo or a windows smartphone, it would’ve died a long time ago from my abuse.

    I too want a camera and some of the other “phone” features that people take for granted these days (camera, ringtones, etc..) but not at the expense of the ruggedness of the unit.

    Just called a tmobile store – they have no idea of the pricing either.

    It would be really awesome for them to integrate some of these features into a full-size blackberry unit. I haven’t tried the sure-type – but am reluctant to give up my qwerty keyboard.

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