Blue-Blooded Blogger

I found this list of items that classify you as a “Blue-Blooded Blogger”, and quite a few strike home.

  • you have more blog friends than ‘real life’ friends.
  • you’re blogging in your head before you fall asleep.
  • your out of town girlfriend and you converse in your blog’s comments.
  • you tell your friends and family things like, “I’ll ping you and you ping me back,” or “Okay, I want to trackback on your last comment…”
  • you blog in your head an event that’s happening at that very moment!
  • you actually take the time to figure out how to set up Active Desktop in Windows just so that you can make your Bloglines MyBlogs page your Windows background.
  • and then you actually leave it that way because you like it… and you make that your browser home page.
  • all of the visible entries in your browser’s links toolbar relate to blogging!

Okay so not all of them ring true….but that Bloglines ActiveDesktop trick might be a good idea.


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