Free 1gb iPod nano

No this isn’t one of those stupid deals were you sign 5 people up, wait 12 weeks and get an iPod nano…It’s a bank deal that gives you a free nano. I’ve been seeing more and more of these recently. I know a few friends who got shuffles from a local bank here.

The fine print reads: You must open a Key Express Free Checking (this is the basic banking account in NY), Key Advantage Checking or a Key Privilege Checking account (offer excludes Student Checking) between July 23, 2006, and September 9, 2006, and have a direct deposit transaction or obtain a KeyBank credit card (excludes Student credit card) by October 31, 2006, and you will receive your iPod within 60 days of meeting the requirements.

Doesn’t seem that difficult to do…and even if you cancel early, it is only $25 for an iPod nano.

Sign up for your account today and have your job switch your direct deposit for a week or two..then BAM Free 1gb iPod nano.


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