Testing out Windows Live Writer

This post comes from Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer that seems to work with 99% of the blogging software programs out there. It is a WYSIWYG writer, so it makes blogging easy for those scared of HTML.

It seems pretty user friendly (for a Microsoft product). I don’t see where I can add tags to the post though, which is sort of a bummer, but until WordPress includes tagging standard, I don’t see how they can sync with all of the tagging software out there.

There is categories, properties, trackbacks, spell check (which I severely need), pings, publish as draft, and may more features. I think it’s an alternative on the PC to using the built-in WordPress blogging that some people will find easy to use, but since WordPress and many others already do WYSIWYG, what’s the point?

I have included a picture in the post and will see what happens, since the image is sitting on my system here.

HOLY COW!!! There is even a live Web Preview that works REALLY well.

Afterthought: You can even go back and edit the posts you already made. Also this tool is great for people with multiple blogs (points to myself). If only there was a OS X client.


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