Sidekick 3 vs Blackberry 8700 – RESULT

Well it has been 2 weeks with the Sidekick 3….what decision have I come to? Let me run down some of my thoughts about the SK3.

  • It is smaller than the SK2 by about 20%, because of this the screen feels very flimsy when flipping it.
  • The BB8700 has a bright mode that auto-adjusts to the enviroment and is MUCH brighter than the SK3.
  • Gtalk still isn’t avail for the SK3, although Mylo does have it included…maybe the SK3 and Mylo combination would be a good one for me.
  • The scroll button is okay, but i seem to prefer the wheel of the old SK’s.
  • The buttons are MUCH further spread out on the SK3, and I feel as if I am traveling all over the place just to get out a few lines. Granted this would seem like a good thing for most people, I have just gotten used to the tight kb of the BB8700.
  • Music was okay with the SK3, but nothing to write home about.
  • I’d put money on EDGE never being sharable with the SK3, but it is on the BB8700 (at least with Windows right now).

  • Finally, the straw that broke the camels back…The Blackberry Pearl. It is the next generation of Blackberry’s. Music, camera, voice dial, video, MicroSD slot, etc are all to be included in this new phone. It does have the SureType technology which I am ify about trying…but it goes to show that a QWERTY version should be out soon as well with all these features.

So back it goes…the SK3 is boxed up and on it’s way back to T-mobile. It seemed like it would be a tough call for me to make, since I have MANY times said the SK2 was the best phone I’ve ever used.
T-Mobile Sidekick 3

Here’s a funny after thought…Try to google: Sidekick 3 icon. My flickr set is the first link. I’m also within the first page of a search for Sidekick 3, yet I’m on the 3rd page if you search for Blackberry 8700g. Who knew you could be the first search result and not even have that product….

So, my time with the Sidekick has come to a close. If they ever release a UMA SK before the BB goes UMA, I might have to upgrade to that, but as for now…I don’t ever see owning a Sidekick again.


7 thoughts on “Sidekick 3 vs Blackberry 8700 – RESULT

  1. hi
    as some of you know sidekick is very popular with deaf population


    this is not very helpful

    in my area my deafie friend tells me that tmobile service are not very good and it best to use another company
    such asI feel like Im in the middle between both blackberry or sidekick 3

    another problem I have is finidng a deal that can beat tmobile data only at 29.99

  2. I’ve had a sidekick 1, 2 and now 3. I actually am waiting on my Tmobile Dash to come in the mail as we speak. I’m going to try it out and see. after that… I’m trying out the Blackberry. I’m truely ready for a new look. Sidekick’s are fun, but I want to experiance the higher world. So… I will let ya’ll know how everythign turns out. We’ll see.

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