Get OS X Leopard NOW!!!

tigerOkay so I lied to get you to read this post….but let’s check out some of the features in Leopard that you can have TODAY (P.S. I am accepting links to bittorent versions of Leopard).

Linux systems have had this for years, and Windows released it as a PowerToy a few years ago as Adam pointed out. You can download Virtue Desktops (free), Desktop Manager (free), You Control: Desktops ($29.95) to do the same thing as Spaces.

Time Machine:

SuperDuper! ($27.95), Lifeboat ($30), iBackup (donation) or Carbon Copy Cloner (donation)


Coverflow (free)


Mail2iCalToDo (free), Mail2iCal (free), Note To Self, Mail to ToDo X (free), MailTemplate ($14.95)


Tiffany Screens (free), XMeeting videoconferencing (free), Adium (free and my favorite)


HoudahSpot ($14.95) and Meta — complex queries;

Searchlight — Spotlight for networks ($29.90);

Quicksilver (free), Launchbar ($19.95 – $29.95) and Butler (donation) — for application launching


Gcal (free) + Google Calendar (free…I have this open 24/7)

Dashboard’s Web Clippings:

Dash Clippings (free)

This post sort of steals some of my post-WWDC hype and excitement about Leopard :-\


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