Single in Tampa

Remember a while back when I posted about being rejected by eHarmony? I was interviewed today by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal about being turned down by eHarmony. Well as it turns out, apparently it sucks to be single in Tampa.

Forbes recently listed the best US cities for singles. Tampa ranked 35th of the 40 cities included. The top place was Denver/Boulder, and the worst place for singles is Greensboro, NC. The only reason Tampa didn’t rank dead last is because we were 7th in online dating, and 13th in job growth.

The most important factor in this list is the number of singles, or percentage of people 15 or older and never married. Only Las Vegas has fewer than us.

So pretty much, I’m screwed….I guess I should move to Denver.

When I hear anything more about any article that is published about me being “undatable” in a town where my odds of finding a date are slim to none, I will make sure to post details.

This post is cross-posted on my personal blog: Life As Nick Starr


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