Mylo: Next big thing?


Sony unveiled the “mylo” today, a handheld device that lets you instant message, store and play music, photos and video clips, e-mail and make Internet phone calls using WiFi.

The mylo, which slides open to reveal a keyboard, will cost about $350 (waaay too much if you ask me) and debut in September, just in time for school.

The target audience is 18-22 year olds who want to stay in contact. It comes with Yahoo, Skype and Google messaging services (yeah!), but not AOL’s AIM. And while you can surf the Web, sites that use flash technology (such as YouTube) won’t work…but MySpace will (go figure).

It comes with 1 gig of storage, but can be upgraded to 5 gigs with a sony memory stick.

Personally, I think this thing is horrible. A QWERTY device that IM’s, goes to MySpace, and plays music…sounds like a Sidekick 3 (also $350) or Blackberry 8700 ($350). Those devices are both cell phones as well…and wher eyou have to pay for the wireless data ($20/month)…you can use it ANYWHERE, instead of just where there is WiFi.

The VOIP calls adds a bit of novelty to the device, but a MDA (or comparable phone) can also do the same thing, and what about UMA phones coming out soon?

Will I get one? Hell no….The only way I would get one is if they gave me one for free to review… ::cough:: Sony ::cough::

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